Mission Statement:

International Parthenium Weed Network (IPaWN)

An International network of expert volunteers devoted to creating awareness about the parthenium weed threat, and to sharing information on how to reduce its adverse impacts upon agro-ecosystems, the environment and human health.

Creation: IPaWN is an initiative of the Tropical and Sub-tropical Weed Research Unit (TSWRU), The University of Queensland, Australia. In 2009 and with research of involvement in three continents, the TSWRU started to develop information packages on the weed and to send it out to more than 20 countries that have or are at threat of having the weed. After an over-whelming positive response to this circulation of information the value of setting up an international network became obvious. There are now more than 200 IPaWN members from 30 different countries.

Mission: IPaWN’s mission is to coordinate and disseminate information regarding the global invasion of parthenium weed, its diverse impacts on agro-ecosystems, the environment and human health, and its management.

Goal: Creation of an online community to support international collaboration on the parthenium weed problem and its management.


Meetings: Meetings of IPaWN are likely to be timetabled to coincide with major international conferences such as those of the International Weed Science Society, the Asian Pacific Weed Science Society and the International Parthenium Weed Management Conferences.

International eNewsletter: IPaWN produces a biannual newsletter named International parthenium weed newsletter. Contributions for the 5 issue in January 2012 are now invited.


Dr Steve Adkins
Chair, IPaWN
The University of Queensland
Dr Asad Shabbir
Network Co-ordinator, IPaWN
Institute of Agricultural Sciences
University of the Punjab
Lahore 54590

Parthenium Weed Newsletters

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